Who is My Cannabis Marketing?

We're a uniquely specialized marketing agency who focuses on the cannabis industry. We help grow brands and make connections within the community, so our clients thrive and spread the word about their brands. We succeed through the following business and marketing avenues: design & branding, public relations, digital marketing, analytics, operations, market strategy, investor relations, and startup & expansion services. Every member of our team has experiencein both the marketing and cannabis industries.

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How We Thrive


We'll meet with your team to hear about what makes your company unique. Then we'll perform market research on competitors and ways to make your brand stand out.


We collaborate as a team to come up with a marketing strategy to reach your target audience and have your brand reach the top of the industry.


Our team of experts will be able to skyrocket your company to the top of your industry. We’ll help make your name a go-to in the Cannabis world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help spread the word about your brand in the cannabis industry. Every member of our team has experience in both the marketing and cannabis industries, and we want to put those unique skills to use for you! We’ll get you a dedicated team to help grow your business to new heights.

Start Growing Your Cannabis Brand with My Cannabis Marketing

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What We Do

Design & Branding

We’ll create an image for your company that leaves customers smiling when they think of you.

Public Relations

You’re changing the industry, and we’re here to make sure you make headlines while you do!

Digital Marketing

Our lives are all online. If you need an ad campaign, social post, or newsletter, we’ve got you covered.


We’ll keep you updated on all information regarding website traffic, user interactions, and performance results.


If you need guidance or auditing of your daily operations, our cannabis business experts can help.

Market Strategy

We analyze who your target audience is, and plan all marketing around that group.

Investor Relations

Sometimes finding funding is the hardest part of a startup. We’ve got connections to help get you cash.

Startup & Expansion Services

Our team works with yours to analyze and enhance your business strategy, helping you find partnerships from day 1.

We helped transform HowToMakeHash.com into a community-oriented E-Commerce platform rather than a simple product-based website.

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